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Is There Any Difference Between A Carousel and Merry-Go-Round?

2018/12/08 Carousel Types

They all seem to be the same ride. A merry-go-round is also called a carousel. According to Wikipedia, it is also spelled carrousel. It comes from the French and Italian words which are spelled with slight variations. Either way, they refer to amusement park or carnival rides that revolve around a circular platform with horses that bob up and down on poles. They are all the same, aren’t they?

In actuality, there is a difference between a merry-go-round and a carousel (аттракцион карусель купить). They are referred to as the former in the UK and Europe while in America, the ride is called a carousel. The merry-go-round turns clockwise. The carousel goes counter-clockwise. This is the main difference.

Both work with the motion of the platform which turns as the ride operates. People sit on the seats which are carved horses, usually. Sometimes they are other animals but they are usually beautifully or ornately decorated animal likenesses which slide up and down poles to simulate galloping as the ride turns.

The history of the ride differences come from the middle ages in the UK. When knights practiced for battle they would practice on carousel-like devices. Knights needed to carry their swords in their right hands. Thus, the carousel would spin counter-clockwise so the right hand could reach the outside. When machines were developed as rides, some historic rides date back to the Victorian era in the UK, they mimicked this same tool the knights rode for practice.

Carousels in the United States originally went counter-clockwise. This had a lot to do with the rings that the riders once aimed to catch. There were brass rings at the top of the ride which a rider could get as their horse went upwards on the pole. They would need to reach for the ring using their right hands and the clockwise motion made this possible.

Today’s rides seem to go clockwise especially in North America. The direction really does not seem to matter as it does not interfere with the joy of the ride itself.

Rides are historic and one of the oldest operation carousels (история карусели) is the Flying Horses Carousel. It is located in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Now on Martha’s Vineyard, the ride originally was located in New York City. It moved to the island in the 1880s.

Rides both old and new are still referred to as both merry-go-rounds and carousels (детские карусели аттракционы купить в Китае). There is not much of a difference, but it is interesting to note that the history behind the rides is what has to do with the distinction. Today it is perfectly acceptable to use both or either term for the rides.

They are still dazzling, beautiful rides featuring carved, painted animals. The older rides were hand painted using a great deal of skill. While many amusement park goers like the high-speed, high-tech thrill rides, there are still plenty of people young and old who love the gentle bobbing of a carousel horse ride, complete with beautiful music. Carousels and merry-go-rounds are still favorite rides for many people no matter what they are called.

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Finding The Best Kiddie Carousel For Sale Is A Subjective Matter

2017/06/05 Carousel Types

When you are hunting the market for the best kiddie carousel (carrusel) available, you’re going to quickly find that it is a rather subjective matter. That can actually make it a rather arduous process. You’ll discover that there are kiddie carousels for sale, but you’ll also find there’s a difference between what many might consider the best and what is best for your situation.

It’s easy to go online or consult trade publications to look at reviews and see what experts thing is the best kiddie carousel. It’s worth doing to familiarize yourself with them if you’re not already knowledgeable. It also gives you a good idea of which models to keep your eyes out for when shopping. However, that’s also the point where you need to start considering more subjective and individual factors that are more likely to drive your decision.

First and foremost, you want something that is going to have an impeccable safety rating and history of operation. The last thing you want is anyone getting hurt on something that’s supposed to be fun.

A second consideration that will automatically eliminate many models is their physical size. If you have limitations in where you can put it, there’s no point in buying something bigger. Likewise, you might also want to avoid anything too small that leaves you with extra empty space.

Your third consideration is going to be style and colors of this amusement rides for sale (juegos mecánicos en venta). If the place you are putting it has a consistent decor or theme, you want a matching piece.

Your last consideration might also be your biggest, and that’s budget. You do want the best kiddie carousel you can find for fairground, but you also have to find one you can afford. Given that this is rather a national market given the specialty nature of the item, you might also have to factor in significant costs for packing, shipping, and assembly. For purchasing quality carousel rides, this website may help you.

What You Need To Know About Kiddie Carousel Rides

2016/06/20 Carousel Types

The carousel is a beloved theme park ride and it brings back plenty of great memories for both kids and adults. When it comes to very small kids however, sometimes the adult carousel is too big and intimidating for them. They get overwhelmed and that can be a bad experience. It is much better for young kids to have their own kiddie carousel rides (Аттракцион детские карусели) in a size that is just right for them.

The kiddie carousel (Аттракцион детская карусель) is a miniature replica of a full size adult carousel. The colors and designs appeal to kids and they are brightly colored and fresh looking. The carousels come in different cartoon themes, like ocean themes and animal themes. The carousels (Карусели аттракционы) are instantly appealing to kids and the kids are definitely going to want to ride on it once they see it.

Carousel rides for sale

These rides are affordable and they will give you a huge return on your investment. Another great thing about them is that they don’t take up a lot of space. The rides are compact and only need a small amount of space. This helps to maximize the space in the park and you bring in more revenue because you can fit more rides in the park.

The kiddie carousel (Детские карусели) offers a gentle ride and the platform slowly turns while the horses go up and down. The kids feel like they are going on a real ride and this is thrilling for them. The carousels come in different shapes and they look beautiful. The price of kiddie carousel rides (Цены детских аттракционв карусели) is affordable and there are many different models to choose from

kiddie carousels rides

Each carousel features amazing decorations and colors and they are equipped with lights so they look very magical at night for the kids. The carousels also have happy music that makes the kids feel good when they are riding on it. kiddie small carousels (мини аттракционы карусели) are made well and they are also low maintenance so you won’t have to invest a ton of money in constantly repairing the rides.

They are painted with special paint that is vivid, durable and won’t fade. You can also customize the colors if you need to so your carousel fits in with your park. Since the carousels are small, they are easy to move and the rides are very safe for the kids. You will want to spend some time getting multiple quotes for the carousel so you are confident you are getting the best price and service.

If you are in charge of buying rides for the kids park (Купить аттракцион для детского парка), a kiddie small carousel is going to be a huge hit and it is definitely worth buying. Your return on your investment will be huge and you will end up with a ride that is popular and pays for itself quickly. Kiddie carousels are focal pieces and the ride is going to quickly become a destination ride for the kids (Аттракцион для детей). If you want a ride that everyone is going to love, the kiddie carousel is a great choice.

Find Christmas Carousel For Sale

2016/03/01 Carousel Types

If you are searching to get a Christmas merry go round for sale, you may have come to the correct place. Although there are numerous places to acquire Christmas carousels available for sale, not all these places are the same. Many unscrupulous dealers operate around. You have to be cautious when selecting a reputed dealer to get a Christmas carousel. This post provides info on where to locate Christmas kiddie carousels available for sale.

Christmas carousels really are a form of merry go round that is utilized in trade fairs and exhibition centers throughout the Christmas season. In fact, the name implies the season this merry go round is normally used. They are exactly like other merry go rounds but used only in the festive season in December each year. If you are planning to conduct a carnival, trade fair, exhibition or any other kind of fun activity during Christmas season, you should not miss the enjoyment your clients will receive by using a Christmas kiddie carousel. Research your options before buying this type of equipment on the market. It will save you a lot of time and also money over time.

Beston Christmas carousel for sale

Beston Christmas carousel for sale

The net changed just how people conduct business currently. Virtually all consumers choose to purchase merry go rounds via online e-commerce stores. Many online e-commerce stores sell carousels. You could do an easy search on Google or perhaps your preferred search engine to discover a high-quality Christmas carousel in the marketplace. Alibaba, eBay, and many other e-commerce stores sell this sort of equipment. Visit these websites to check the equipment they provide plus the prices. You can get affordable merry go rounds by comparing the salient highlights of the machine listed on websites like these. You could enter for the interesting and fascinating carousel for sale.

theme park grand carousel ride for sale

theme park grand carousel ride for sale

Most of the e-commerce stores on the internet give a safe and sound payment gateway when you purchase merry go rounds from their website. Your bank card info is quite safe because of this reason. You might have absolutely nothing to worry when revealing the credit card details as a result of their high-security payment gateways. The product will likely be transported to your doorstep depending on your location in the united states. That is why virtually all consumers want to buy park merry go round from e-commerce stores such as eBay or Alibaba.

Beston kiddie carousel ride for sale

Beston kiddie carousel ride for sale

For those who have friends, co-workers or neighbors from the entertainment industry, you are able to question them for references for buying a merry go round for your amusement park. They may help you when they have contacts dealing with carousels. This may help save your time in addition to hard-earned money in the long run. Word-of-mouth can be a powerful method of finding Christmas carousels for sale.

Although there are numerous places to get carousels for sale, its not all these places are created equal. This is certainly why you need to do your homework when purchasing a Christmas carousel available for sale. This article offers a comprehensive breakdown of how to locate a high-quality Christmas carousel for sale for the affordable price. It can help saving time and hard-earned money over time. Also, our Beston amusement Carousel for sale Group will give you detailed information about carousel merry go round by

Riding Double Decker Carousels At An Amusement Park

2015/04/14 Carousel Types

In the summer, or really at any time of the year, few things are more fun for the whole family than heading to the amusement park. If you have kids, this will make them really excited. They will not want to leave, and before long, they will be begging you to go back.

Most amusement parks have dozens of different rides that you can go on, suitable for all ages. However, if you have little kids, your options will be a bit more limited. After all, you cannot take a toddler or kindergartener on a roller coaster or other ride that is only for older kids or teenagers.

double decker carousels for sale

double decker carousels for sale – Beston Carousels

Fortunately, there are usually quite a few rides that are perfectly safe for younger children. For example, why not take them on a merry-go-round or carousel? These rides are very popular with little kids, but they are perfectly safe.

Many carousels are fairly basic, but there are also more elaborate varieties. You might have ridden on one of these at some point, such as a double decker carousel. These rides have not one, but two levels of seats.

If you prefer to stay close to the ground, you can just choose a seat on the first level. However, if you want to add a bit more excitement to the ride, or if you just want a better view, you can go up to the second level and find a seat so that you can ride high above the ground.

Your kids will love riding on a double decker carousel at the amusement park. They will want to ride on it again and again just like they want to ride the colorful samba balloon park rides. The next time that you are looking for some way to entertain your kids during the summer, head out the door and go to the amusement park.

double decker carsousels for sale

double decker carsousels for sale

Want to buy double decker carousels? Please visit or to learn more sales information of double decker carousels from Beston – A amusement rides manufacturer we highly recommend.