They all seem to be the same ride. A merry-go-round is also called a carousel. According to Wikipedia, it is also spelled carrousel. It comes from the French and Italian words which are spelled with slight variations. Either way, they refer to amusement park or carnival rides that revolve around a circular platform with horses that bob up and down on poles. They are all the same, aren’t they?

In actuality, there is a difference between a merry-go-round and a carousel (аттракцион карусель купить). They are referred to as the former in the UK and Europe while in America, the ride is called a carousel. The merry-go-round turns clockwise. The carousel goes counter-clockwise. This is the main difference.

Both work with the motion of the platform which turns as the ride operates. People sit on the seats which are carved horses, usually. Sometimes they are other animals but they are usually beautifully or ornately decorated animal likenesses which slide up and down poles to simulate galloping as the ride turns.

The history of the ride differences come from the middle ages in the UK. When knights practiced for battle they would practice on carousel-like devices. Knights needed to carry their swords in their right hands. Thus, the carousel would spin counter-clockwise so the right hand could reach the outside. When machines were developed as rides, some historic rides date back to the Victorian era in the UK, they mimicked this same tool the knights rode for practice.

Carousels in the United States originally went counter-clockwise. This had a lot to do with the rings that the riders once aimed to catch. There were brass rings at the top of the ride which a rider could get as their horse went upwards on the pole. They would need to reach for the ring using their right hands and the clockwise motion made this possible.

Today’s rides seem to go clockwise especially in North America. The direction really does not seem to matter as it does not interfere with the joy of the ride itself.

Rides are historic and one of the oldest operation carousels (история карусели) is the Flying Horses Carousel. It is located in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Now on Martha’s Vineyard, the ride originally was located in New York City. It moved to the island in the 1880s.

Rides both old and new are still referred to as both merry-go-rounds and carousels (детские карусели аттракционы купить в Китае). There is not much of a difference, but it is interesting to note that the history behind the rides is what has to do with the distinction. Today it is perfectly acceptable to use both or either term for the rides.

They are still dazzling, beautiful rides featuring carved, painted animals. The older rides were hand painted using a great deal of skill. While many amusement park goers like the high-speed, high-tech thrill rides, there are still plenty of people young and old who love the gentle bobbing of a carousel horse ride, complete with beautiful music. Carousels and merry-go-rounds are still favorite rides for many people no matter what they are called.

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