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What Should We Know About Carnival Train

2019/05/22 Kiddie Rides

What is it that you love more about carnivals? Food? Games?. I would say that the most entertaining thing about the place is the presence of the carnival train rides. This is the liveliest thing that you will experience while in an amusement park or mall. A carnival train is attractively designed to appeal to everyone, both the children and adults enjoy riding it. It just brings out the hidden passion in you. It’s not just a transportation vessel, it ensures that you experience the best fun moments. Carnival trains have been developed in various styles and you can get different types ranging from a trackless carnival train to a tourist carnival train.

Wholesale carnival train rides

Are you asking where you can get one? Well, you are in the right place. A leading giant in this industry of manufacturing amusement train rides by the name of BESTON is globally recognized for their unique job. They have been in the industry for more than a decade and clients have been praising their work all over. Beston is a manufacturer as well as a supplier of large amusement park rides like the Carnival trains, bumper cars, track trains, carousels, Thomas train, Ferris wheel rides, mall trains, roller coaster, and trackless train

Application of a Carnival Train

The train can be used in almost all the attraction venues such as amusement parks, plazas, supermarkets, shopping malls, and travel tourists/guests from area to another. You may have probably seen one in the streets. The experience from this train keeps the kids psychologically fit and the adopted designs of colorful appearances give them a visual impact. The new design of the modern carnival train that has been developed as a result of the advancement in technology, stimulates the curiosity of the kids as well as developing/boosting their intelligence.

Carnival track train rides

Features of Carnival Train

  • Attractive appearance. The train is designed with beautiful and modern themes like the ocean theme. Additionally, it has kid’s cartoon paintings that draw the attention of both the old and the young.
  • Versatility. Carnival trains exist in various styles and many types have been developed giving you the opportunity of choosing one that pleases you. You will get them in different colors and themes as well.
  • Large capacity. These trains can be able to hold a bigger number of people. So you only need to choose depending on how you intend to use it. If it’s purposely for recreational centers, consider buying a carnival train with a larger capacity.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. The train is free from pollution since it uses powered batteries or electricity to operate. Additionally, there is no noise pollution, it just drives quietly.
  • Customization. The train can be designed to meet/reflect the area it will be used. That is, size and colors can be changed among other features upon your request.
  • High-quality materials- The raw materials of a carnival train comprises of steel, stainless steel, motor, and steel glasses.
  • It’s easy to operate.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Durable
  • It’s applicable to all ages.

Large carnival trains

Types of Carnival Trains In the Market

  • White Carnival Train


INSTALLATION DIMENSIONS: 4300mm×1880mm×2200mm

WEIGHT: 1300kg


SPEED: 25km/hr

CAPACITY: 42 people

  •  98 Seat Carnival Train

INSTALLATION DIMENSIONS: 6585mm×2050mm×2380mmWEIGHT: 4200kg
VOLTAGE:380VSPEED: 20 to 30 km/hrCAPACITY: 98 people

  • New Carnival Train

INSTALLATION DIMENSIONS: 4300mm×1880mm×2200mmWEIGHT: 1300kg
VOLTAGE: 380VSPEED: 25km/hrCAPACITY: 42 people


What makes the carnival trains so special and dominating the market

  • Its structure design guarantees the safety of passengers
  • Riders become very excited as it stimulates their senses
  • It keeps the interests of the children for a longer time. It just creates long-lasting fun memories
  • Caters for all ages
  • It’s stimulating and innovative
  • It’s a reflection of the modern amusement rides
  • It’s uniquely designed and manufactured from high-quality materials.
  • The company adopts the state of art technologies to ensure that you get the best product
  • The features and the production process of the Beston carnival trains meets the international standards
  • Realistic appearances featuring the essence of nature with the addition of bright colors.
  • Reasonable and affordable prices

Professional Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer

2018/09/13 Kiddie Rides

Why you need to choose an professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier ( For the innocent and lovely children, the children’s paradise is their innocent and romantic paradise. Of course, with related needs, there is  a market. Of course, there are investors aiming at the children’s paradise market. In the commercial plaza we used to visit, now there are more and more children’s paradise.

Beston new indoor playground equipment

Why indoor playground equipment become so hot? As China’s social level continues to improve, children gradually become the core of the family. The healthy and comprehensive development of children is the goal of each family’s training. The general improvement of social living standards has enabled many families to invest enough time, money and energy. As children’s education and entertainment go, more and more parents and friends hope that their children can develop in all directions. The indoor playground equipment Park just meets the needs of parents and friends, and integrates education and education, so that children can develop their morality and beauty in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The prospect of the playground equipment project is so hot, so what are the professional children’s naughty castle manufacturers for entrepreneurs are topics that need to be concerned. Let’s talk about this issue in the following small series.

Kids indoor playground equipment project

An excellent children’s theme indoor playground equipment manufacturer should provide safe, educational and novel amusement equipment to let children grow up in happiness and exercise in their play. Beston indoor playground equipment is well received by customers for its rich engineering case experience and color design and high quality product guarantee. Professional indoor playground equipment must have the following characteristics:

First of all, the company needs to have an excellent design team, which is very important for a playground equipment company. Only a good team can design a fun and friendly playground equipment for kids! Beston is the latest in 18 years. The indoor playground equipment has already been popular all over the country. In the month of promotion, it has successfully laid five venues.

Interesting is the key to the emergence of naughty castle management in the same category, and quality is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the operation of naughty castle The Beston brand Naughty castle is the leading brand of Indoor playground equipment by Beston Amusement equipment company. They strictly control the quality of these new indoor playground equipment with the persistence and true spirit of the Internet, so that all customers can feel comfortable and comfortable.

How Many Types Of Interactive Rides Do You Know Of?

2018/06/20 Kiddie Rides

Did you know that it is possible to install interactive amusement park rides at your facility? You may have all of the basic ones like slingshot ride, kamikaze ride, etc, but the modern ones are so much better. With a standard Carnival ride, you are going to enjoy the scenery around you. However, if it is interactive, they may actually present digital imagery as you are going through tunnels or areas where they can project pictures and images all around you. You have probably been on one of these before, but the state-of-the-art equipment they have today is absolutely exceptional. There are many different types of interactive rides for sale that you can purchase. All you have to do is find the companies that are producing them.

VR rides for sale

VR Simulator Ride

The Definition Of An Interactive Ride

When a carnival ride is interactive, you feel that you can make a choice. You may also experience interacting with characters that are part of that particular ride. These have been used in major theme parks for many years, but modern technology is taking this much more appealing. The technology is also being mass-produced which means it will be available for business owners that have carnivals of all different sizes.

What Are The Benefits Of Interactive Rides?

When you hear the term interactive, many things come to mind. For example, in a typical carnival ride, you are just sitting there. You might be on a carousel, observation wheel, or in bumper cars. Everything around you is going to be as it always is. When the rides become interactive, this is going to give you a lot of choices. They are going to incorporate digital or computer technology. This will give you choices that you can make as to what it is you are going to see while you are on these rides.  Learn more about interactive rides here: These are certainly more expensive but as you get the newest ones, this will inspire more people to be a patron at your facility.

kids rides for sale

Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride

Examples Of Interactive Rides That Exist Today

Some of the interactive ones that you have today include those that will have visuals that will take you out into outer space. Others will have an immense chronic character that will interact with you as you are passing by on water or on land. The reason that these are more popular today is that people are coming to expect this type of interaction because of modern technology. Soon, the old-style fairground rides will be a thing of the past. Every one of them is going to be upgraded to be more personally interactive.

battery powered dodgems for sale

Bumper Car

Locating a company that can provide these for you will take some time. This is new technology, and as such, might be a little bit scarce. Only the bigger companies like Beston rides will have access to the more elaborate ones. However, there are companies that are producing these carnival rides which are interactive, yet they are also readily available for any size amusement park. You can get more information on what is currently available by submitting a request to the manufacturers that you find. If you can, invest in one or more of these two inspire more customers to come by.

How To Find A Great Price And Dodgem Cars

2017/04/25 Kiddie Rides

How To Find A Great Price And Dodgem Cars

The humble bumper car ride is easily one of the most popular fairground rides you are ever likely to find, and it’s been this way for over one hundred years ?ever since they were first invented in the 1920s. What’s more, these rides are an especially good investment for anyone who is running a fairground or small amusement park, because the rides are a surprisingly affordable purchase, yet they are well loved by people of virtually any generation.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at the best places to buy dodgem cars ?as well as how to find a great price when you buy, so let’s take a look.

To begin with, purchasing these dodgem cars for your amusement park has never been easier thanks the Internet. In fact, many people are now importing these bumper cars using websites such as Ali Baba, which is a popular online wholesale and import website which allows you to purchase from many of the places where these cars are originally manufactured. Of course, this means you will likely be importing from China ?but there’s no denying you can make some fantastic savings when you order direct from the manufacturer in this way.

How To Find A Great Price And Dodgem Cars

How To Find A Great Price And Dodgem Cars

So What Kind of Prices Can You Expect to Pay?

Well, you can pick up a small kid size dodgem for anywhere between $1500 and $2000. However, it may be possible to get further discounts if you purchase multiple cars at the same time. In most cases, it’s likely that you will be ordering in bulk because you will be stocking your dodgem track in one go. This fact means you can make some fantastic savings whenever you order in bulk.

Alternatively, you can focus on buying vintage dodgem cars which will be very popular at any fairground or amusement park. While this may increase the interest you generate in the ride; you can expect to pay a premium price for these vintage cars because they are often restored by hand. If you’re planning to create an authentic amusement park, then there will often be no other option than purchasing these vintage cars. But of course, this means the price is more than worth it. More at

Other Sources to Purchase Dodgem Cars

If you are interested in purchasing online, then the next best solution is to contact the local amusement park supplier who will be able to make you a good deal if you’re buying the entire ride in one purchase. However, you may prefer to rent these rides initially, as doing this first will give you some idea of how the ride will fit into your theme park best affordable gorgeous diaper bags. This is an excellent way to gauge the potential increased profits you will generate by drawing more people into your park, and if you’re lucky, the ride will pay for itself within a few years.


When it comes to purchasing new dodgem cars, it’s certainly worth browsing multiple sources and not settling on the first one that you find. If you shop around, and you are willing to haggle with the suppliers, you will often be able to find fantastic deals without much effort.

Different Types Of Ferris Wheels Available Today

2016/05/11 Kiddie Rides

One of the tallest amusement park rides that has ever been created is the Ferris wheel, a ride that was first made as far back as the 1600s. Difference in sections of this ride were both around and also shaped like a tic-tac-toe format, designed to give individual riders a circular ride. Fast-forward to the 21st century and you are looking at some of the most incredible Ferris wheels to have ever been made. Whether you are traveling to Singapore, London, or even Las Vegas, you will find some of the tallest in the world. Ferris Wheel for sale. More

A Big Ferris Wheel For Theme Parks1

What Makes These Rides Special

There are a couple main features that a Ferris wheel has over every other ride that will be at an amusement park. The first, and most obvious, is that it gives you an incredible perspective the world around you, allowing you to see far in the distance from incredible heights. The second reason that they are popular is because they allow people to spend time together, up above all of the clamor of the world down below. It’s great for couples on smaller Ferris wheels, and is excellent for family groups or friends that are in the enclosed capsules or cabins that can hold as many as 40 people at one time. A question that many people often have is which Ferris wheels are actually the tallest? This is a good question to ask because it’s one of the primary reasons that they are so popular. Let’s look at some of the tallest ones that are very popular, located in many different countries. Ferris Wheels Rides for Sale.

Where Are the Tallest Ones?

Just as people are continually trying to create buildings that are taller than each predecessor, the same is true with the Ferris wheel. Back at the turn of the millennia, the London Eye on the River Thames, reaching a height of 443 feet. Six years later the Star of Nanchang was made in China, a Ferris wheel that was nearly 100 feet taller, coming in at 525 feet. The Singapore Flyer was made two years later, just 16 feet taller at 541 feet. Finally, in 2014, Americans decided to surpass the original Ferris wheel made back in 1893 which only reached a height of 264 feet. Created in Las Vegas Nevada, the High Roller Ferris Wheel is now the tallest in the world, an incredible 550 feet tall.

In the next few years, it is likely that another country will produce an even taller Ferris wheel, allowing it to become the one at the top of the list. Regardless of when this occurs, or how tall it will actually be, it will be yet another absolutely wonderful ride that people can enjoy. Despite the fact that these rides are not designed to be thrilling or fast, it is their height and reputation which brings people to them year after year. If you have never had a chance to ride on one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world, you should definitely consider adding this to your list of things that you should do the next time you take a vacation or leisurely trip. Ferris Wheel. More

What To Look For In The Best Designer Diaper Bags

2015/07/02 Kiddie Rides

Buying a best messenger diaper bag is always fun, but it can be expensive as well because top baby diaper bags are not only functional, but also stylish as well. This is when you should know what you need to look for in the best designer diaper bags. By knowing some of the things to look for in these top designer diaper bags, it will allow you to find the bag that is not only functional, but also going to make it easier for you to have a bag that is a designer label. best looking diaper bags. More at

Pockets are important when you look at these bags. Normally, you would think it is just a bag why do I need to have so many pockets? Well, the answer is easy you will have more stuff crammed into the little bag than what you ever imagined possible. This in turn means you need to keep it organized so you do not lose any of the items in the bag. However, it also means you do not have to empty out the entire bag to find an item that you need to have. best messenger diaper bags. More at

Type of straps is something else that you need to consider. Face it, you will be carrying this bag for a long time and you want it to be comfortable. So you need to make sure you know what kind of straps the bag has on it and this will help you know if you are going to be able to carry the bag comfortably or not. Without this, you could have some problems in carrying the bag for a long period of time because the straps are digging into your shoulder. top brand diaper bags.

Bottle holder is another consideration you should make in the best diapers bags you are selecting. A bottle holder should be something you can easily get to, but also be somewhat protected. This way you are able to get the baby bottle out quickly, but not have to worry about the lid being knocked off or the bottle getting dirty while you are jogging down the street.  best diaper bags for dads. More at

When you are getting ready to have a baby, you know it is going to be a very exciting time. However, what you need to realize is it can be hard to find a top rated diaper bags. This is when you need to learn what to look for to make it easy to select the best designer diaper bag.

Finding A Quality Trackless Train For Sale

2015/05/27 Kiddie Rides

If you have recently been to a carnival, regardless of the size, you have more than likely seen trackless trains going by. Essentially, these are trains that look identical to a train, though miniaturized, riding on wheels instead of a track.

These are used for a multitude of purposes, primarily to show people everything out the carnival without having to walk. It’s also an attraction for kids, getting to go onto a train, and see everything that they will want to ride on at the fair. If you need one for your carnival, this is what you need to do to find one that is in great shape, and at a discount price. Click here to get the detailed information and quotation of the Beston disco rides for sale in China.

buy trackless train ride for sale in China

buy trackless train ride for sale in China

Trackless Trains For Sale

If you want to buy a trackless train for sale here:, you will likely find several in large newspapers that are being sold by other carnivals that have upgraded to something new. They might be going out of business, which is even better, as you will be able to get the best prices on these trains that are being sold.

buy best selling disco rides cheap

buy best selling disco rides cheap

You want to make sure that they are in good condition, and if you are not mechanically inclined, you will want to bring someone with you that actually is. They will be able to inspect the motor, each of the cars, and also the tires on the train, making sure that everything is in working order.Check out here to know the Beston gyroscope ride for sale and get the quotation about the quality rides.

Best Deals On Trackless Trains

You can get the best deals on the strains by simply searching through the paper, on the Internet, and even in the phone book for companies that deal specifically with carnival equipment. If you have an amusement park that is in dire need of an upgrade, or if you have not added one to all types of the rides in Beston that you currently have, you will be able to find one for an affordable cost.

A train is an absolute necessity for any amusement park, and once you have one you will attract many more people. It is one of those theme park rides for sale that is not very fast, but is highly coveted by both children and adults, and can be one of the best ways to attract new people to your amusement park whether you are in one location or traveling.