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Why You Should Chosse A Stirrup Bending Machine For Various Functions

2017/08/29 Small construction machinery

On most every construction project that involves tall buildings, a substantial number of stirrups are going to be used. These are used for the purpose of reinforcing buildings, specifically working with the concrete, to make sure that they can remain intact for many years into the future. It is very difficult to create these on your own, especially making each one virtually identical to the other. It is possible, perhaps using a manual stirrup bending machine, but the automated ones are the ones that will definitely help you the most. Here is an overview of how they work and why you should use a stirrup bending machine for many of the jobs that you are working on.

An Overview Of These Devices

The first thing that you should know about these devices is that they are known by a couple of different names. There is the stirrup bender, also known as the CNC stirrup bending machine, and each of them have slightly different levels of functionality. They are both able to straighten out metal bars, but they are also able to do measurements, bend the wire to your specifications, and cut them once everything is done. They can actually make a stirrup every couple seconds, making it possible for companies large and small to keep up with the production that is required. Certain ones are designed for high processing speed, and they will be equipped with high technology and low failure rates. There are features to look for when you are purchasing them, some of which will definitely improve your overall business.

Best Features Of Automated Stirrup Bending Machines

These machines are able to produce a large volume of stirrups as long as they have a automated feed. They should also be compact in their structure, although they can be quite large, and they should also have a large storage capability. The motor that is used should be a high-powered one, perhaps a PLC servomotor. This will make it possible for you to produce hundreds or even thousands of stirrups every week without the machine ever letting up.

How To Choose The Right One For Your Company

when you look at the specs on the different machines that are out there, you will see similarities. They will do single and double written and round wires, going up to as much as 10 mm in diameter. The bending angle is almost always 180? and the maximum pulling speed should be about 100 m/m. They should also have a maximum bending speed, reaching as high as 1800 pieces per hour which can keep any company moving forward at an accelerated pace. The top models have to servomotors, and a separate break motor, making sure that if it needs to stop, it’s going to happen. By comparing the different ones that are out there, and the features that you are looking for, you will be able to find one that will be to your exact specifications.

You can also get great deals on these machines Although it is going to be a large expenditure, that also means that any savings that you will get will be substantial. You will be able to use these stirrup bending machines for many years without incident, especially if they are purchased from a reliable company that is well known in the industry for producing cutting, bending and straightening machines.

Reasons For Using A Blacksmith Gas Forge

2016/09/17 Small construction machinery

The average person within this industry is going to know a whole lot about coal forges and what that could provide. Here is the staple option and the one many people will be informed about, however it is not the option many people desire to be going with, and you will find a reason for this.

This read is going to check out the concept of using this forge and why many people now want to go with it. In addition, there has website, for your reference. You could check the page and read it carefully.

These are reasons individuals in the business consistently mention when it comes to this topic.

Gas forge for sale

Gas forge for sale


The single thing people will note is the safety. You happen to be putting your life in danger with all the coal forge and why would anyone wish to accomplish this? You will not like the idea of putting your wellbeing in peril at all times if you are doing this kind of work.

So, this is the reason the majority of people love to select the blacksmith gas forge for sale at this time.

They want to go with a thing that is proved to be safe and is also being used by others around the world simply because it is useful.

Much Easier To Manage

It will be easy to handle this without difficulty because you usually are not working with coal at all times. Exactly what is the point of something which is tough to deal with? Is what you will be opting for?

No, you desire something that will be far simpler, and this is the reason the gas forge is sensible.

It does not require you to haul coal just about everywhere. You will setup the gas line and that will carry out the work for you regarding how energy is now being presented to the forge.

It can be much simpler.

Blacksmith gas forge

Blacksmith gas forge

Cleaner Work

Have you considered the job you are doing with iron? What should it be not suitable? This may leave your work looking abysmal and that is the very last thing anyone would push for.

The key reason why people love this blacksmith gas forge for sale and believe it is the best choice available is related to the actual fact it is actually a forge which will last.

It will almost certainly present you with cleaner work, and that is certainly what matters most.

It will be faster, simpler, and better. There is no reason to complement the coal option barring knowing this has been used before.

Stuff has been improved, and many people like the thought of saving money and time by getting the gas line arriving in. It just makes more sense, and also you won’t have to keep getting coal as you may have in past times to the forging. This is centered on making things easier and receiving better results simultaneously. It is just the complete option a person would want in nowadays.

For this reason so many people are now moving towards this forge and exactly what it provides. And forging machines are more and more important in daily life.

How To Find A Very Suitable And Stable Construction Equipment Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

2016/08/15 Small construction machinery

One of the problems that many construction companies have when they are searching for new products is finding a distributor that can provide them with access to some of the best equipment available. Sometimes you can find excellent deals, but this merchandise may not be very safe, nor will it last very long. To find suitable and stable construction equipment, specifically a hydraulic rebar cutter, you have to use special searching parameters. It’s also a good idea if you know which company to purchase from based upon what other people in the industry are doing so that you can follow suit and get the same high level merchandise from them.

hydraulic rebar cutter

What Is A Hydraulic Rebar Cutter Used For?

Although it is possible to use a manual rebar cutter which is what many smaller companies will do, it is better to have one that is powered by hydraulics because it will do all of the cutting for you. It is also going to improve your safety record for your company simply because your employees will not be placed in a situation where they could actually injure themselves. The rebar is typically fed into a machine, and it will come out the other side where it is cut per your specifications. So whether you are working on a bridge, building, tunnel, or even a hydroelectric dam, and you need to have rebar cut every single day, by choosing the best company to work with with exceptional products, you can keep up with production and also maintain your safety standards.

Easy Ways To Locate These Businesses

In this industry, bigger is actually better, specifically in terms of the size of the company that is manufacturing all forms of construction equipment. This is definitely true for those that produce hydraulic cutter’s as they tend to be people that are at the top of their game when it comes to creating the best equipment. Not only will this equipment be efficient, it is designed to last which means safety is not going to be an issue. They can last for a decade or more in most cases, as long as you have chosen the right company to work with that can send you merchandise that will work properly every time.

rebar cutter machine

Once these machines have arrived, you will quickly see that you have made the right choice if you have done the proper research. It’s all about finding a company that will send you cost-effective merchandise that will work efficiently and keep everyone safe on your crew. Whether you are purchasing one that is stationary, or you are getting one that is portable rebar cutter’s are always in demand. You can find excellent hydraulic ones by simply searching on the web and choosing one from one of the largest businesses like Ellsen that sells their products internationally. Best of all, you will probably be able to find all of the other construction equipment that you will need that will work in conjunction with this device that can also save you money.

Discovering How To Operate A Rotary Table Rebar Bender

2016/07/16 Small construction machinery

Rebar is typically found in the building industry as an easy way of providing support for concrete structures. The rebar is embedded in the concrete, giving it extra strength and stability. The reinforcement offered by rebar helps ensure that the concrete is sufficiently strong to perform under extreme conditions or significant amounts of weight.

So that you can work properly, however, the rebar often needs to be bent right into a particular shape. Rebar is manufactured out of steel, which is notoriously difficult to bend. Fortunately, there are a number of several tools in the marketplace that are designed to help make the whole process of bending rebar easier. One tool is really a rotary rebar table bender. These kinds of products are surprisingly an easy task to operate and then make quick work of bending rebar.

Rotary table rebar bender for sale

Rotary table rebar bender for sale

The fundamental concept behind the rotary table reber bender is comparatively simple. The method starts by choosing a die for that machine which is the correct size for whatever bend you wish to make. If you wish to come up with a small bend, you might select a small die. Likewise, should you wanted to produce a large bend, you will choose a larger die.

The die will be positioned in the midst of the appliance on a rotating platform. It is situated in the actual center of the rotating portion of the rotary table rebar bender for bending 135 degrees. Next to the die, you will discover a stationary attachment that was created to apply pressure to the rebar. Since the platform rotates, the attachment pushes the rebar against the die and forces it to bend for the correct angle. The process is surprisingly smooth, without having sudden jarring motions. Instead, the bar gently bends throughout the die, creating a perfect bend every time.

GW50 Manual rebar bending machine for sale

GW50 Manual rebar bending machine for sale

Feeding the rebar into the steel rod bender machine is incredibly easy. All that you have to do is scheduled the rebar down inside the correct position. The rotating plate then starts moving and bends the rebar, pulling it gently through the machine because it bends it. As being the operator, your only job is always to gently hold into the end in the rebar that is certainly not being bent so that you can easily lift it out of your machine after the bend continues to be completed.

These appliances may be designed to make virtually any amount of bend that you want. Which means you can use a similar die to help make bends at obtuse angles or acute angles, based on your preferences. Because of this, this rebar equipment is quite versatile and are a fantastic addition to any company which specializes in construction or that produces materials for that construction industry.

One of the primary advantages of learning to operate a steel bar bender is it can dramatically accelerate production. In fact, it is fantastic for production settings where you need to make plenty of bends at the same angle in a row. Doing this, you don’t have to change up the die between every bend. Instead, once it really is set, just keep putting bits of rebar in and the machine will complete the bends in just seconds.

A New Solution On Buying An Electric Pipe Bending Machine

2016/06/27 Small construction machinery

A machine that many businesses will need if they are doing rot iron, or working with any type of metal pipes, is an electric pipe bender. These are typically capable of bending them very quickly, without any effort on the part of the user. Manual pipe bending machines will still work, but they are not very efficient. They are often used when electric ones are not functioning, or if you have not yet have the money to order one. If you want to take your business to the next level, here is a new solution on buying an electric pipe bending machine that will help improve your business.

electric pipe bending machine

How These Machines Work

These useful machines are able to work using some form of hydraulics. You simply insert the pipe, choose the angle to bend it at, and it will do the rest. Others simply provide you with the power that is necessary to bend the pipes the way that you want to. These are less expensive, but not as efficient. You will have to have some access to electrical power in order to do this. This can be achieved by plugging into the electrical system at your worksite, or using some type of backup generator. In most cases, they can bend the pipes within seconds, depending upon the thickness of the pipe, the type of metal, and how long the pipe actually is.

Where Can You Find Affordable Ones?

You can find affordable ones by looking in your local paper. There are sometimes businesses that are upgrading to something new. However, if you are looking for a new electric pipe bending machine, the Internet will show you different companies like Ellsen that are selling them from different locations around the world. Some of the best ones will cost several thousand dollars. They may also have to be shipped in. Make sure that you look for reviews on the different pipe vendors that are available. This will help you select the right one for your business.

electric pipe bending machines for sale

Where Will Use Them?

These are typically used when you are bending pipes for electrical conduit. You will often have to have 45 and 90?angles. The machines are able to adjust to any angle that you want. You may also use them for other construction projects. Sometimes you will need to go to a remote location. You may need to work on a residential or commercial building. These will come in handy, especially the portable ones that can be powered by a generator. This will help you get your job done as quickly as possible.

After you have found a new pipe bending machine that can run on electricity, you can order it after reviewing the many different ones that you will find, choosing the one that will work best for your company. Always remember that if it is too inexpensive, it is likely not going to work as you would expect. If you choose to purchase one from a well-known company or distributor, it will provide you with many years of service.

Ellsen is one of the most well-known company for providing steel twist machine, scroll making machine, and metal craft embossing and so on. And we have got many praises from our customers for our considerable service and low price. You can click here to know more.

How To Use An Iron Pattern Bender?

2016/06/14 Small construction machinery

If you are currently in a business that designs wrought iron gates or fences, you may know the importance of an iron pattern bending machine. These machines are quite useful for people who are engaged in businesses that create iron gates and fences. Wrought iron is quite a malleable type of metal compared to cast iron. They are also very durable in the long run. Wrought iron and be re-worked and reshaped numerous times compared to cast iron. This is why they are used to beautify gates and fences. Wrought iron designs can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a gate or fence for that matter. This article provides an overview of how to use an iron pattern bender.

EL-DW16C iron pattern bender

An iron pattern bender is used to create circular patterns from metal. These circular patterns are used to beautify gates and fences in your home. Wrought iron designs are a multimillion dollar industry these days. Iron pattern benders are used to create these patterns out of wrought iron. These designs can be created in seconds using iron pattern bending machines. You simply insert the iron into the machine. It then creates a bend on one side. You simply reverse the iron to create the bend on the other side. The machine will allow you to create hundreds of wrought iron designs quite easily. The workers will find it much easier to work on an iron pattern bender than any other machine that is designed for this purpose. This is why these ornamental benders are so popular on the market.

iron pattern bender

Buying an iron pattern bender should be done with utmost care. There are many places that sell these machines. But all of them are not top-quality sellers. This is why you need to do your homework properly when buying from such vendors. The best place to pick the right vendor is the internet. In fact, the internet has really changed the way people search for products and services in this day and age. More than 80% of clients prefer to consult online review sites before buying an expensive product such as an iron pattern bending machine. This will help you save a lot of time and choose the right product after all. If you have wrought iron business to deal with, Ellsen wrought iron machines will be the best choice. Welcome to Ellsen ornamental iron equipment’s website:

iron pattern bender

Personal recommendations are important when you are looking for a pattern bender. You may know of someone in your industry who had purchased a pattern bending machine recently. Ask them if they could recommend the vendor to you. If your colleague is satisfied with the product of the vendor, he would definitely recommend the vendor to you. This saves a lot of time and money in the long run. Also, the word of mouth is a very powerful method of searching for a reputable vendor to purchase a pattern bending machine on the market. Ellsen wrought iron machine manufacturer provides good iron pattern benders for sale. If you are looking for a good iron bender, please come to

In conclusion, if you are involved in a business that deals with gates and fences, you may be aware of the importance of an iron pattern bender. This article provides information on how you need to use an iron pattern bender.

Why The Portable Rebar Cutter Is So Popular Today

2016/06/02 Small construction machinery

Working on a construction project will require a number of different tools. You will need to have saws, measuring tapes, and a bar cutter if you are laying a foundation. There are many that are extremely large used for enormous industrial projects. However, if you are working on multiple smaller construction projects where rebar is needed at each one, it is best to use a portable cutter instead. Here are a few examples of why a portable rebar cutter is so popular today, and where you can get one for an affordable price online.

portable rebar cutter

What Rebar Cutters Do

If you did not know, rebar is a type of steel reinforcement bar that is used on concrete projects. You have probably seen them sticking up out of the ground prior to a foundation being poured. They are used not only with concrete foundations, but various aspects of masonry structures that are completed today. They hold the tension within the concrete very successfully, allowing the foundations to last much longer than they normally would. Once you are able to add rebar in equidistant intervals, the foundation will last for many decades and withstand the weight of the structure that will be built on top. The cutter for rebar is used to create all of the small pieces of rebar that must be used for each project that is completed. Sometimes it is better to use a portable rebar cutter instead of a larger one, especially for smaller projects.

portable rebar cutter

Why These Are So Popular Today

The reason for their popularity is that they have become exceedingly light, as well as more efficient than ever before. You are able to cut through a piece of rebar within seconds, allowing your workers to complete projects at an accelerated rate which means you can take on more projects for your company. Not only will this help you get the projects done much more quickly, but it will allow you to take on additional projects so that your company can make more money. It is the combination of all of these factors which has motivated business owners in the construction industry to invest in these portable units.

portable bar cutter

How To Get The Best Deals

Although it is possible to purchase one used from a local contractor, the best deals tend to come from the Internet. There are companies overseas which produce thousands of these every month, and they are in competition with other businesses. They will offer special deals for customers that are looking for these portable units, and may even save you money on shipping. When you are able to purchase one that is new, this can last several years, saving you even more money than when purchasing a used unit.

These are the main reasons that these cutters are so popular, and if you are in the construction industry, you will likely understand why they are so necessary. You can find excellent deals online allowing you to save hundreds of dollars on the next portable unit that you decide to invest in for your company. Ellsen provides you with the quality cutting machines like rod cutter, bar processing tools and so on. Click here to know more.

Learning How To Bend Rebar

2016/05/13 Small construction machinery

Learning how to bend rebar is something that can come in handy if you are the type of person who enjoys building and making things. Taking to time to learn the proper techniques in bending it can help you do it safely, save you time, and save you money, plus, it can make the process go a lot smoother. Read on to learn how to go about bending rebar the safe and efficient way.

Need A Workspace

Rebar comes in long rods, usually between 8 feet and up to 40 feet in length. Since it’s so long, it can be hard to handle. Having an open area is ideal. Also, as you bend the rod, it will create hot sparks meaning the area should be clear of materials that are flammable. Make sure the clothes are wear are those you don’t mind to ruin. You need to wear long sleeves and long pants, too, to keep your body fully protected while working with cutting and bending rebar. Then, you can use the bender equipment to process rebar.


Measure The Rod Carefully

Take into account the length overall, the overlap, and the bend of the curves, along with where you want them. This is a bit tricky and can take some practice. Don’t worry, though, after a few times you will be quite the pro. As you decide where you want to cut and bend the rod, mark it with chalk or a wax crayon.

Cut The Rebar For A Size

Now, you are ready to cut the rebar to the size you need it before bending it. One of the easiest ways to cut the rebar is with a hacksaw blade that is made for cutting metal. Unless you have a metal chop saw, which is actually the easiest way to cut the rod. A grinder with a blade, a portable bandsaw, and even a reciprocating saw will also do the trick of cutting. While cutting the rebar, you will find that it tends to want to roll around. Use your foot to hold it steady, or get help for holding it still. Also remember that it will be hot and sharp so use gloves along with caution to keep everyone involved safe during the process.

GW manual

Begin To Bend Rebar

Once the rebar is cut to size, you can begin bending it. Many hardware stores rent manual rebar bending machines that you can use. If you have several cuts, you may even consider renting a metal chop saw for maximum efficiency. Still not sure, don’t hesitate to watch a video, ask a friend or family member to show you how, or find a helpful article. This will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge to properly make the bends you desire in the metal rod. That is to say, you need to know what a rebar bender machine is; and how does it work. If you have some questions about this machine, welcome to, we are ready to help you.

In conclusion, having a good workspace, the proper tools, and safe attire is what you need when you want to bend rebar. By using the tips that are shared here, you will be well on your way to having the metal rod bent nicely, just the way you want it.


Choose A Good Rebar Bending Machine

Choose a good rebar bender machine is very important to bend rebar. Good rebar bending machines can creat more profits for your business. They have high work efficiency and good work capacity, which save a lot of time and labor force for you. Ellsen bending machine manufacturer provides different kind of steel metals bending machines for sale, including automatic bending machines, manual steel benders, electric rebar machines, stirrup benders, and CNC bending machines etc. More information about bender equipment, please visit Ellsen website: